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How to Cancel Amigo Loans Guide

Amigo Loans Cancellation Terms

How to Cancel Amigo Loans

You don’t often come into contact with a loan company that offers guarantor loans. Amigo Loans is one of those rare companies that offer guarantor loans. Guarantor loans are always known to be unsafe and insecure, which is why a lot of people avoid getting guarantor loans. However, Amigo Loans is a trustworthy party to acquire guarantor loans from. This company used to be an old-fashioned guarantor loan company to help those who are unable to take up usual loans. However, now, it became a household name for being a reliable guarantor loan agency.

What else makes it so popular? Well, it is fairly easy to cancel your guarantor status as an Amigo Loan customer. It can be because you returned all the loaned company. If you wish to cancel your plan with Amigo Loan, then you only have to follow the steps:

  • Visit the main Amigo Loans website
  • Look for the Amigo Loans cancellation number
  • Review your terms and conditions
  • Call the cancellation number
  • Dial the Amigo Loans customer service number on?0120 262 9200

How to cancel Amigo Loans

You will see a visual step-by-step guide below, featuring screenshots and explanations. Once you are done, you can be assured that you will know all the steps to cancelling your Amigo Loans guarantor status. If you wish to access other Amigo Loans service, please help yourself to our Amigo Loans Contact Numbers page.

Step 1: Log on to the Amigo Loans official website

Any information you need about Amigo Loans can be easily acquired by visiting their main website. This also includes looking for ways to cancel your Amigo Loans guarantor status. You will be glad to know that if you run into any difficulties, Amigo Loans is easily reachable on the phone or online.

  • Log on to the Amigo Loans main website
  • Remember to keep your account and contact details handy

Step 2: Click on Contact Amigo Loans Button


There is no other way to cancel your guarantor loan apart from calling them.

  • Click on ‘Contact’
  • You will be brought to the bottom of the page where they have listed all their relevant numbers, including the cancellation number

Step 3: Dial the Amigo Loans Applications Number


The number for Applications also serves as the cancellation number for Amigo Loans. When you dial the number, let them know of your reason for calling. As they carry out the process of cancelling your guarantor loan from Amigo Loans, they will need your full account and contact details, so make sure you have them handy. In addition, please make sure that you have paid out all the money loaned before you cancel.

Step 4 (Optional): Inform Amigo Loans during the ‘cooling off’ period

Cooling Off Period

If you are a new customer of Amigo Loans, you have the option to let them know about your decision to either stay or leave them during the cooling off period. If you miss the 14 days of cooling off period, then you will have to follow the steps as shown above.

Step 5: Review Amigo Loans Terms and Conditions page

This is the basic list of items that you will need to know when cancelling a loan or learning how to pay back a loan as quickly as possible. If you default or do not have a guarantor backing your loan payment you may have to file for bankruptcy.

Once you log in to your account, make sure to visit the terms and condition page.

Amigo Loans Cancellation Terms

Step 6: Contact Amigo Loans customer service number

The internet makes everything so easy. It saves money and a lot of time. However, if you are still in a dilemma about how you can cancel your contract, or whether you should cancel your contract, you can always dial the Amigo Loans customer service number on?0120 262 9200.

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  1. hi rupert johnson do not wish too contiune in borrowing for a loan where they asking for guarantor and i have no one that could help myself you wrote too myself from 2019 ive give them all my details but that wasnt good so i wish too withdraw my application for a loan how to do that ?

  2. Hi I have phone up to cancel the loan i do not need it or get my self any more debt and also my mam has ring to cancel it as well as can’t not afford the loan or to paying it back eathier and don’t want no money taken out my bank eathier please and also want sort out as I don’t get in any sort trouble or get done any thing eathier. I didn’t sign any thing any way and so just make all cancelled my safety and my mam thanks u and for daughter sake

  3. Please need to know that it is all cancelled as making me I’ll and so can rest mowing it is cancelled and just don’t know what come over me when I done it online and realise people i have hurt as well not far eathier and done it by mistake and don’t get any sort trouble eathier as have my daughter to think about as well and be great email me let me know has been cancelled and every thing is ok please

  4. I have emailed them to cancel it I didn’t sign up to this so just pls cancel this don’t need to and can’t afford to pay it back or anything and don’t need the trouble thanks

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