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O2 Customer Service Contact Numbers

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O2 customer services are used by approx 23 million customers. O2 is offering all kind of networks to UK customers. You can enjoy 2G, 3G as well as 4G networks with O2 services. You must have heard about Telefonica UK limited. It is very well known brand offering digital communication services and O2 is its commercial brand. There are different service departments for resolving customer queries.

O2 Contact Numbers

Service Number
Pay Monthly team customer service,?Pay monthly mobile broadband customer service

From Landline

From Mobile

0344 809 0202


Pay as you go,?Pay as you go mobile broadband

From mobile

From Landline



0344 809 0222

?Pay as you go top up service

From Mobile

From Landline



0345 606 2277

Business customer service,

Business mobile broadband

From Mobile

From Landline



0800 977 7337

Online Business customer service

From Mobile

From Landline



0800 977 7027

O2 consumer phone sales 0844 202 0202
O2 business sales 0800 028 0202
?O2 travel insurance claims 0844 463 0202
O2 24 hour emergency services 0208 239 3902
O2 home services 0344 499 0202

O2 customer service opening timings

?Pay Monthly Team 8 am-9 pm on Monday – Friday

8 am- 8 pm on Saturday

8 am-6 pm on Sunday

?Pay as you go team 8 am-9 pm on Monday – Friday

8 am- 8 pm on Saturday

8 am-6 pm on Sunday

Top Up service 24 hours
Business customer service 8 am – 8 pm on Monday -Friday

9 am – 5 pm on Saturday – Sunday

Online business customer service 8 am – 8 pm on Monday -Friday

9 am – 5 pm on Saturday – Sunday

O2 consumer phone sales timings 8 am – 9 pm on Monday-Friday

9 am- 5 pm on Saturday- Sunday

O2 business sales timings 9 am- 5 pm on Monday – Friday

O2 contact address

You can write a letter at following mentioned O2 contact address for resolving your queries related to phone, broadband and all kind of O2 services:

Telef?nica UK Limited,?Correspondence Department, PO Box 202 , Houghton Regis, LU6 9AG

Center map

For filing a complaint regarding any service, you can write a letter to O2 complaint department. The address for filing complaint is :

O2 Complaint Review Service, PO Box 302, Dunstable, LU6 9GN

Center map

O2 Pay monthly contact

You can avail monthly plan of O2 by calling on O2 pay monthly contact number +44 344 809 0202. This O2 customer service from landline number is available only for landline users. If you are calling from mobile, you need to call on O2 customer service from mobile number 202. You will not be charged anything for calling on this number. For making call from landline, you will be charged standard UK charges. In case you live in other country and have queries with O2 customer service team, you can make a call on O2 contact number from abroad which is same as mentioned for landline users. The call can be made free of cost. The timings for making call are different for platinum customers. They can call between 8 am to 8 pm on Monday to Friday and between 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. You can also contact O2 customer representatives through live chat link. This is the fastest medium to resolve your queries. You can also ask your queries online by signing in My O2 account.

O2 Pay as you go contact

O2 pay as you go contact number +44 344 809 0222 can be called from landline for availing pay as you go plan. The call charges applicable are standard UK rate. However, you can also make a call from mobile at O2 contact number free from mobile number 4445. ?You will be charged 25p per call. For people living outside UK, they can make a call at O2 customer care number +44 786 098 0202.

O2 top up customer service number

O2 is also offering top up services. You need to make a call from mobile at O2 top up customer service from mobile 4444. ?This number is free of cost. For landline users, number is different. You have to call on O2 top up customer service from landline number +44 345 606 2277. ?The top up services are available fro 24 hours.

pay as you go mobile

O2 business contact number

If you are a business customer, O2 business team will offer you services as per your requirement. You can avail the services or ask any queries by calling ?at O2 business customer service from mobile 8002. This number will not charge any cost. For landline users, call can be made O2 business contact number +44 800 977 7337. The customers living outside UK need not get upset. O2 offers services for outside customers too. They have to call at O2 business abroad number
+44 844 809 0200. For managing your business account, bills etc. you need to visit myO2 business page. For taking print out of your bill, you need to sign in to your account. Otherwise for other queries you can call on O2 business contact numbers.

my o2

O2 Online business support

For availing O2 online business support, you can call at O2 online business service number from mobile 8002. There is a provision for landline users too. They can call on O2 online business helpline number +44 800 977 7027 for resolving their business related queries. For abroad customers, the call needs to be made at O2 online business contact from abroad number +44 844 809 0200.

O2 broadband contact

O2 helpline numbers are available for your issues related to broadband services. For pay monthly plan customers, the call can be made at O2 broadband service number +44 344 809 0202. Then there are pay and go customers who can make a call at O2 broadband contact?+44 344 809 0222. ?The business customers are required to make a call on O2 broadband business service number +44 800 977 7337. The customers who are not associated can avail O2 broadband services easily using above phone numbers. The O2 customers are required to call on normal customer service number.

Join O2 contact number

The non business customers can make a call from any phone for joining O2 at O2 consumer mobile phone sales number +44 844 202 0202. The customer will be charged 5p per minute for making call from this number. The business customers can make a call on Join O2 contact number +44 800 028 0202.

O2 insurance number

There are O2 travel insurance service numbers for resolving insurance queries and filing insurance claims. The claims can be filed by calling at 24 hour emergency service number +44 208 239 3902.?This number is for local as well as outside customers. This number can also be called for medical assistance in addition for filing a claim. There is another number available for filing claim with O2. The O2 contact number for filing claim is +44 844 463 0202. If you have any other query regarding your policy, you can call this number.

O2 Home Services

For getting O2 home services and resolving queries related to that, the customer need to call +44 344 499 0202. The customer service representative at this number will be available between 8 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. The call rates will be charged as per standard UK rates. You can even avail these services by writing a mail to O2 correspondence service representatives at following address:

O2 Correspondence team, PO box 694, Winchester, SO23 5AP

O2 Complaint service

  • There are numerous ways of filing a complaint to O2 representatives if you are not happy with their services. The live chat method is the fastest way of filing a complaint. Other method is using phone service. For pay monthly plan customers, the complaint can be filed by calling at O2 customer complaint number 202 from mobile and +44 344 809 0202 from landline. The customers living outside UK can also call on this number for filing a complaint. They will not be charged any money if call is made from O2 mobile. For pay as you go customers, call can be made from mobile at 4445. The call charges are not free on this number. You will be charged 25p per call. However, for calling from landline the standard UK rates will apply and number is +44 344 809 0222.
  • This O2 customer support number is applicable to non UK resident customer too for filing complaint. ?If your home phone and broadband is not working properly, you can make a call at O2 contact complaint number +44 800 230 0202. This number can be used by mobile as well as landline users free of cost. The business customers can also file a complaint free of cost. The O2 business complaint number for calling from mobile is 8002.
  • The landline users and customers living outside UK need to call on +44 800 977 7337 and +44 844 809 0200 respectively. O2 home users ?whether residing in UK or outside UK can also file a complaint through phone by calling at O2 complaint service number +44 344 499 0202.
  • If services of O2 are not satisfactory regarding settlement of complaint, you can go to Complaint review services. You need to tell your contact details to this authority before filing a complaint. The complaint can be filed through post or email. O2 complaint service email address for escalating complaint is?[email protected]. They will intimate you the reply of your complaint within 5 working days. If your complaint will take time, intimation will be sent for delay.
  • If time taken for resolving complaint is too long i.e. more than 8 weeks you can shift to other department. You can escalate your complaint to Ombudsman services. It is a communication company that will try to resolve our issue free of cost. You can contact them through phone at +44 330 440 1614?or you can write a letter at following address:
    Ombudsman Services: Communications, PO box 730, Warrington, WA46WU.?For filing a complaint regarding financial products, Financial Ombudsman Services are best. The phone service of this resolution is available at +44 300 123 9123. You can also write an email for resolving your issue at?[email protected]?. If your matter has not been resolved by court or Financial Ombudsman Services, you can go to Finance & Lease Association. The contact number for this resolution is +44 207 836 6511.

O2 Find a Store

You can easily find a O2 store in UK by entering the postal code at O2 find a store link?. You can even buy online phones, tablets and other accessories. If you have any queries regarding online shopping you need to visit the O2 help & support link.

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