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How To Cancel Utilita Energy

Utilita Energy sign in

Utilita Energy Limited offers a reasonable price. They make sure that their customers can easily understand their products. Hence, Utilita Energy company offers them with total transparency when it comes to their services and Utilita Energy prices. The main objective of this company is to keep things as simple as possible. In this way, consumers will gain complete control over their energy usage as well as their energy spending.

Utilita Energy began in 2003, with the vision to simplify the service that they offer to their customers. Is Utilita Energy any good? Through word of mouth, more and more customers have joined them. This is an evidence that this Utilita Energy business only provides quality products and services.

If you are one of the customers of Utilita Energy and you want to obtain more information about how to cancel Utilita Energy then we can help you in accomplishing this task. We want to make it easy for you so you can save more time and money. Utilita Energy problems? For more information, use Utilita Energy free number 0800 512 012. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Utilita Energy website

Here, we will give you some helpful tips on how to cancel Utilita Energy reservation, and many more. We want to make sure that it is easier to understand so we will provide you with a step-by-step instruction. Once you already know how to cancel Utilita Energy, you can enjoy having a satisfying experience. To know more about this company or if you have any Utilita Energy questions, please visit the Utilita Energy contact numbers page on our website. You can also read about Utilita Energy news or apply for Utilita Energy jobs.

Utilita Energy main page

Step One ? Visit Utilita Energy Website

You need to visit Utilita Energy website so you will know all the necessary things that you should do in order to cancel your Utilita Energy account.

Here is the step by step instructions that you need to follow:

  • Open your browser.
  • Enter the website of Utilita Energy.
  • Proceed to Utilita Energy login or Utilita Energy register. If you have already registered and you already have an Utilita Energy account, then just enter your email address and password, then click Sign In. However, if you are a new user and you have not registered, then you should click Create account.

Utilita Energy sign in

  • Choose Utilita Energy help and type your?inquiry?on how to cancel Utilita Energy service at the box.
  • Be ready with your debit card or credit card to be used for paying the cancellation fees if there are any.

Utilita Energy help

Step Two ? Get Information About Cancelling Your Utilita Energy Account

Use Utilita Energy moving house if you want to transfer to a new residence, then you must inform Utilita Energy. If you are moving out then you must fill up the necessary information on the Moving Out form below. After it is completed then we can proceed with processing your request. The processing period will take 14 days. If you still want to continue using Utilita Energy, then just inform us in the form. Our Welcome Team will gladly assist you with your needs.

Utilita Energy moving out

First Step: Provide your details.

Enter your title, first name, last name, and email address.
Who are you – Select if you are the person moving, the Landlord, the Letting/Managing agent

Utilita Energy moving out-2

Second Step: Let us know where are you moving from.

Enter your present address, city, country, and postcode.
Enter the date when are you moving out.

Utilita Energy moving out-3

Third Step: Please inform us of your gas and electricity reading on the day that you moved out.

Enter your gas meter reading and electricity meter reading.



Utilita Energy moving out-4

Fourth Step: Give us your new address

Enter your new address, city, country, and postcode.
Would you like to continue using Utilita Energy service on your new property?
Just select yes or no.
Click Submit

Step Three ? Determine If There Are Charges That You Need To Pay

For customers who want to transfer to a new location, you should contact our Welcome Team on 0345 206 8777. They will give you some advise with regards to your transfer. Also, they can provide you some credit in case you have a refund. Simply fill up our Moving Home Form to inform us of the details. You can use this form whether you have already moved into your new address, or you are about to move out.

Keep in mind that if you fail to inform Utilita, then you might not be able to obtain your refunds. Before moving out, be sure to leave your In-Home Display, User Guides, and top-up cards. These things are very useful for the future occupier, so they can call us if they want to top their meter.

Step Four ? Utilita Energy Contact Number

We hope that after reading this article, you can now easily figure out how to cancel your Utilita Energy account. However, if there are still some questions that are bothering you, then you should use?Utilita Energy free phone number 0800 111 999?or Utilita Energy UK contact number 0345 206 8999?to connect with our team so they can help you with your concerns.

Step Five ? Contact Utilita Energy By Email, Live Chat, or By Mail

How to contact Utilita Energy by email? The best way to communicate with a customer service is through Utilita Energy live chat. This is very convenient for people who are always busy and have Utilita Energy complaints. However, if you don?t want to contact us by phone, then you can always send us a Utilita Energy email anytime. For your immediate concerns, just use Utilita Energy emergency contact number 0330 333 7442?For those who prefer to use the post, simply use Utilita Energy address below:

Utilita Energy Limited, Secure House, Moorside Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 7RX

This is Utilita Energy head office. To submit your meter reading, simply sent it via?Utilita Energy email address?[email protected].

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  1. There is a to cancel with these website. The 0800 number is also for gas emergencies. Other numbers are call center who rarely answer but when they do, just place you in the same queue again. Emails are ignored. Letters are ignored.

  2. I wish to stay with British Gas, I had one of your employees at my flat on Friday 05/04/2019, he was from Utilita, so I would be grateful if they could sort this out, or call me on my phone,Eddie Glasgow.

  3. Please how do i cancel my PrePaid Account with Utilita as I have moved address and Im no longer at the address.

  4. This company are thieves praying on pensioners with alzheimers. Its impossible almost to contact them. Energy suppliers scamming customers you could not make this stuff up.

  5. I haven’t got a green card that they keep asking me for.
    How do I cancel my account with them .
    We don’t even know how much we owe them

  6. I would like to cancel my utilita order bit said bits meant to be starting on the 26thv of this month so I would like to stay with British gas. I had a man out but felt under pressure to change as I have cancer I haven’t got a voice box. So can’t really speak very good. So would be grateful if you could cancel this and let me know. My name is Ian McNeish So that’s my details. If they could email me and let me know if it’s been cancelled. It’s thank you.

  7. there should be a register for people in ill health not to be contacted by any salesmen I’m in I’ll health myself I want to stay with shell energy I’ve sent my cancellation form to utilia to not go to them

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